May 28, 2010

i am ice cream

hello velvet city, here we begin:

ice cream
half-assed resistor. owner of a cat. hates breakfast. deleted by the groan, for a while.
"if i took drugs would you understand me? IF I TOOK A LOT OF DRUGS THEN WOULD YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

the cat
as of yet unnamed. often found around the neck of ice cream. leads how and tinker out of velvet city after ice cream gets groaned.

tries to cook breakfast.

pigtailed little inventor. specializes in pipe bombery.

skeletal and miserable, nubby. found at the arms store. finds ice cream during/immediately after groaning.
"two thumbs, can you even imagine?"

unnamed as of yet. lives on the outskirts of velvet city. feeds ice cream a lot of hard-boiled eggs.

the groan
wide-eyed instrument of ennui. mouthless? converts velvet city into murmurs. calls ice cream "his funny".

groanlings. barely sentient.