December 30, 2009

a complete account of my life, my own entire life

ca. 1992
Sang in the car, nearly caused a crash to us.

ca. 1993
Fell in the pool. Water gloved my lungs and for minutes I thought I might end now. I remember some hand, not sure whose.

ca. 1994
Choked on a glove. Choked on ice from a glove.

ca. 1994
Woke up from a booth dream. In the dream I had faded: I woke up face down and smothered. I had nearly fallen asleep in that dream. I remember thinking "that was close".

ca. 1995
Fell from a tree.

ca. June–August 1995
Imagined a soldier, shot a real gun to made music. Nearly struck by birds.

ca. December 1995
Bit in the eye by the dog. Dad bit the dog back, sort of.

ca. January 1996
Got shocked by the wall trying to plug in the television, watch the fuzzy colours in there. Instead they were in me; I saw them for a second, the ceiling hours later.

ca. April 1996
Noticed we had an attic: what a serious door.

ca. November 1996
Dove under Dad's car, got scolded.

ca. spring 1997
Caught my first glimpse of a naked woman.

ca. summer 1997
Caught my first glimpse of a naked woman that wasn't Mom.

ca. fall 1998–spring 1999
Learned a lot about octopi.

ca. April 1999
Flew low with weird wings; woke up.

ca. August 2000
Broke the back door. Dad broke a mirror at me later.

ca. September 2000
Tried hard to keep beat with adults. Cried a lot, at first.


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