December 12, 2009

have you seen the girl?

repeat after this: i am an island because.

i did not speak for hours because an island is silent and does not speak.

i did not stop and think about it because an island does not stop and think about it, it is mainly busy with being an island.

instead i searched for the prettiest face, because an island is ultimately concerned with boasting having the prettiest face.

i am an island, at once violent and alliterative. i will move or i will sink.

i am a planet.

i swell and groan because i am like a planet uniquely gravitied. i am probably the sum of all my distance and the distance of that which is close or moves close to me.

i am a far planet and therefore the glub and or swirl of my planet is harsh.

i am a planet because like a planet i will become heated, i will become glass and as glass i will shatter.

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